Fall 2013 Events

Workshops Events: CFE Fall 2013

Locations may shift. Look for publicity from workshop organizers throughout the semester. I am also noting when AAUP meetings are for clarification for all.

5 Library Liaison and Selectors Meeting (location TBD)

10 Faculty meeting

17 FYS Debriefing
19 (AAUP)

24 Writing
26 New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

1 Faculty meeting
3 AAC open meeting on assessment

**WED; 9th Global Initiatives and CEO: What Advisors Should Know 11:30-12:30 in CFE
10 NFO

17 (AAUP)

22 Faculty Discussion: What role should online courses play in undergraduate education at McDaniel? Lunch will be served. Postponed

29 Writing
31 (chairs meeting)

5 Faculty Meeting
7 New Faculty meet with the FAC in CFE (other spaces available but you must find)

12 Retention and Advising
14 For Chairs and Others: How to conduct and write up a Classroom Observation (especially helpful for those reviewing faculty up for tenure/pre-tenure reviews)

19 Grants Office – hosting faculty conversation about Fulbright Grants
21 (AAUP)


5 Faculty Meeting


2 Responses to Fall 2013 Events

  1. Sandra Wood says:

    Could you clarify what times these meetings are scheduled for?

  2. gretchenmckay says:

    All meetings – unless otherwise indicated – are at the T/Th meeting hour: 11:25-12:45.

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