Spring 2013 Events

SCHEDULE: CFE Events Spring Semester 2013

T 29 FYS Debriefing
Th 31 Library Liaison meeting

T 5 (Chairs)
Th 7 Faculty meeting

T 12 Advising Student Athletes
Th 14 Food for Thought by FDC (in McDaniel Lounge)

T 19 FYS External Review – faculty focus groups
TH 21 (AAUP)

T 26
Th 28 (chairs)

T 5 Faculty meeting
Th 7 Writing Workshop – details from Suzanne Nida TBA

T 12 ***Middle States Visit***
Th 14 Advising Models – best and worst practices


T 26 CEO
Th 28 (Chairs) SIS – sharing experiences

T 2 Faculty meeting
Th 4 Critical Changes to Title IX

T 9 Library Workshop
Th 11 Brown Bag lunch in CFE with the Faculty Technology Committee

T 16
Th 18 (AAUP)

T 23 FYS meeting
Th 25 Writing Worksho

T 30 FYS meeting


Th 2 (chairs)

T 7 Faculty meeting

May 16 – SIS 11-2
May 23: FYS Training Workshop


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