About the CFE

The McDaniel College Center for Faculty Excellence supports the work of faculty in a community of scholars at a thriving liberal arts college at all stages and in all aspects of their careers. In keeping with its own First Principles, the College believes that faculty responsibilities for teaching, scholarship, and service should be viewed and supported holistically. The Center’s programs seek to integrate the various facets of faculty professional work and to encourage continuous growth of teacher-scholars with particular attention to teaching and advising, curricular development, student-faculty collaboration, and experiential learning. The Center supports a culture of innovation, values diversity of talents and interests, appreciates both the art and science of pedagogy, encourages the creative use of technology, and promotes on-going critical reflection through assessment of student learning and both individual and institutional effectiveness. The Center provides opportunities for faculty to learn from each other and the broader academic community in order to promote professional development and student learning.

The Center for Faculty Excellence believes that faculty growth is nurtured most effectively in an environment that emphasizes thoughtful and consistent self-evaluation through individual and programmatic assessment, and that the Center itself should serve as both an example and a source of support for this essential activity. More specifically, the Center will provide resources and expertise to guide faculty in their assessment of themselves and their students, courses, programs, and departments. In addition, the Center for Faculty Excellence will work with the Academic Assessment Committee to guide the development, implementation, and ongoing review of assessment data within the College’s general education requirements. Finally, all programs developed or offered by the Center will be assessed for their effectiveness and impact on faculty development and student learning.

Dr. Gretchen McKay is the Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at McDaniel College.


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