I found a way to FLIP!!!

Found this website here: pdfescape and it allows you to upload an image and then annotate it. I may be doing it wrong, but I insert it into a word document and save that whole page as a PDF. Then upload it, with the image on it, to this pdfescape website.

Then, that tool (you have to create an account) allows you to do this (you have to click on “Kafhre” to see the awesomeness as it opens the PDF):


Do you see all those cool comments? And questions? I just made an annotated image!

This will allow me to flip my entire History of Western Art I class this fall. They will watch videos from the Khan Academy Smarthistory website (which is also incredibly cool and you can find it here). BUT! They will have several videos to watch for each class AND THEY WILL NOT KNOW WHICH IMAGE THEY WILL HAVE TO ANNOTATE! Thus, I quiz them on their reading/video watching.


Flip achieved!!!!


3 Responses to I found a way to FLIP!!!

  1. But I should add: this is just the START of what they will do in the class. They will also present, work in pairs, do in-class research assignments, role-play, and debate. FINALLY CRACKED THIS ONE!

  2. Pam Regis says:

    Question: Students open the Khafre document on pdfescape, they answer the questions you have asked, and they save it as their quiz response? Just trying to follow the crumb trail, here.

  3. gretchenmckay says:

    My idea is to print it out AS the quiz. The person who uses this particular software actually has them fill out an annotated image and turn it in. I am thinking I will use them as a quiz. I will print black and white ones and pass them out. They will then answer the questions posed “on” the image as their quiz to see if they watched the video on the work of art prior to class. I will project it in color while the students are doing the quiz.

    I also will create some that are of works they have not yet seen, to help them focus what is happening in the work. In those cases, I may upload the color PDF annotated image to BB and have them download it on a device so that they can see it in pairs/groups.

    One person suggested I just do this in Powerpoint, which can also be saved as a PDF, but I like this tool a bit better. It seems more immediate to me, actually (maybe I am just sick of Powerpoint).

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