Active Learning – Think about it

Yes, I am on sabbatical. So, No, I should not be posting to the CFE Blog.

But as many of you know, I have been advocating for years for faculty to incorporate more active learning activities in their classrooms at McDaniel. Tonight this posting from “Tomorrow’s Professor” came through my email. So I am linking it here.

And asking you to think about it.

Lecturing might be easier. Or at least more comfortable. For us. And maybe for students, too.

But studies show more learning happens when students engage with the material.

From this post:

“Active learning fully engages most students in a class instead of just the two or three who normally do all the talking; the class atmosphere is much livelier than the wax museum that traditional lectures usually resemble; and cognitive science and tons of classroom research have established that people learn far more through active practice and feedback than from simply watching and listening to lectures.”

So, read the posting from “Tomorrow’s Professor” here. And think about it.

Then try it in class.


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