Online Art History Adventure: Day 2 (or is it 3?)

Painful lesson: always look at what you assign.

So I did not do that last. I assigned them to look at the official website of the Lascaux cave. Well, that is a great idea! Except I did not know that an early discoverer of Lascaux dubbed one of the images “the Unicorn Panel.” I am a Byzantinist. This is introductory art history. I’ve never had a class in prehistoric art. So I did not know about this so-called “unicorn panel.”

Until students started talking about in my online course. I thought “Unicorn? Where the hell are they seeing a unicorn?” because Cave Art is all about images and animals from their daily lives, inscribing the images on the cave wall to somehow, magically even, make them present in their reality.

So, I checked out the website and sure enough – there is the “unicorn panel.” Except it’s a cute little ibex. With TWO horns! Got that straight…

Lesson: Check it ALL OUT before you assign it. Or you get unicorns in your discussion boards.

And who wants that?


2 Responses to Online Art History Adventure: Day 2 (or is it 3?)

  1. Pam Regis says:

    Sounds like a teachable moment to me…

  2. gretchenmckay says:

    Yes. Teachable moment. But how to teach it to a class of people I DO NOT SEE? And who are asynchronously logging on?

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