Teaching Naked: Jose Bowen

The Teaching Naked Guru, Jose Bowen, has recorded at Ted=talk about teaching. Watch it here.

What do you think?

Come on. Take a break from grading and watch it.

I met him at a conference in January and am intrigued by his whole idea. It’s the face to face experience that makes a liberal arts college worth its weight. So how can we make that experience richer for our students? He’s got great ideas.

What are yours?


One Response to Teaching Naked: Jose Bowen

  1. Pam Regis says:

    I like any suggestion that changes up the order in which we do thing–this challenges students’ expectations and “business as usual.” Giving exams at the start of a given class on a given text, topic, whatever, after students have had a “first exposure” to it–that’s a major change for me. Emailing the prep info, rather than posting it on Blackboard–ditto. Thanks for the link.

    Pam Regis

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