Technology and Education

I read this essay with great interest today. It is a good reminder about the role of technology in education. Technology – particularly podcasts – are not going to fundamentally change education. Because a podcast, for instance, can convey information, but that is not Teaching. Teaching is not just relaying information. We all know that.

I am a UVA grad (M.A. and Ph.D. degrees) and in part the online course madness led to some serious problems there this summer. I spent a good amount of time this summer rallying the troops to get the Board of Visitors to reverse their decision to force the president to resign because, in part, she was not embracing MOOCs quickly enough.

This piece clarifies for me my role in student learning. To that end, I’m including three library visits that are an integral part of my FYS this fall. No library tour. These sessions are going to get them searching, looking, obtaining, and analyzing books and articles as part of a push for more information literacy/fluency on the part of my students.

The quote from this essay inspires me as I think about starting back in a few weeks:

“Education is not the transmission of information or ideas. Education is the training needed to make use of information and ideas. As information breaks loose from bookstores and libraries and floods onto computers and mobile devices, that training becomes more important, not less.” (Pamela Hieronymi, Chronicle, 8/13/12).

Read the rest of this piece here.

I hope this inspires some of you as we begin a new academic year as educators.


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