How Critical is Critical Thinking?

If you are not sure that you need to find more ways to teach critical thinking in your classes, you should read this article from University World News.

I have also been reading about information literacy for a workshop I’ll be attending after Spring Break. My goal for that workshop is to find better ways to help my students in ancient world topics (like the Athens game in the FYS) find material, research, and sort through the tons of information out there.

This article and the reading I’ve been doing indicate that students are tuning out some of the information because there is so much of it. Instead of sifting through it – assessing and evaluating sound argument from ungrounded reasoning – they ignore all the but the easiest sounds bytes.

The conclusion of this article states: “In summary, despite the tremendous educational potential of the information age, students seem to be less prepared to critically evaluate information or determine and defend what they believe. Colleges and universities need to find ways to leverage this resource to create the kind of learning demanded by our changing times.”

If you agree that this is so, then we have to find ways to help our students navigate this vast sea of information!


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