New Book in the CFE

Thanks to our friends in the Instructional Technology we have a new book in the CFE. Anita Thiernian should be thanked for her role in obtaining the book, How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching. I also ran across an interesting website on teaching sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University (and this book is mentioned).

It has been catalogued and can be checked out of the CFE.

Each chapter discusses a “problem” case study, discusses research issues related to the problem, and offers solutions to each. A variety of disciplines are discussed. One section was about art history, and recorded an issue with a class I am teaching this semester. It was the start of a chapter on “mapping” and creating the organizational structure of our discipline. To so many of us who have been trained in our disciplines, the scaffolding and organizing principles are second nature to us. They are like breath! But to students new to the discipline, the “rules” and structures may appear like King Minos’ maze. The authors discuss the idea of mapping and creating templates with students to help them navigate your course. I have decided to try something similar in my western art history survey course this semester…and of course will chronicle the outcome (good or bad) here!

There are helpful appendices in the book as well. Would love to hear your thoughts about the book if you have time to check it out and read portions of it.


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