What is Critical Thinking?

Peter Bradley offered up a tweet (click here for one of his tweet links) about critical thinking and a website link to CriticalThinking.net. I’m adding that link here.

We know from our first round of assessment on critical thinking that we need to do better. We did not want to make any grand, sweeping changes to the curriculum being that we just *had* done that, and it was the first round of assessment.

We had a few discussions about critical thinking – what is it? How can we foster it in classes and with our students? How do you teach critical thinking?

I hope you’ll look at these links and offer some comments about what YOU have done in your classes to increase critical thinking in our students. We say we do it; we’d like to have some examples of how it’s working – proof if you will – to back up that statement.

What do you think?


One Response to What is Critical Thinking?

  1. misse84 says:

    It’s difficult, but I Think it’s important to get the students/pupils to ask questions and not to “trust the world” (read: everything you find on internett).

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