If Smith is starting to worry…

Today on the faculty list email list I circulated a link to this story that appeared today (October 10) on InsideHigherEd.com about Smith College re-examining their face to face, traditional residential liberal arts delivery of their curriculum. They wonder how sustainable this traditional model is in light of changing demographics among students, the public perception of higher education (which is not so good), and the expectation for ease of portability and access in many forms (not just living somewhere in a residence hall for four years).

I think we at McDaniel need to start facing some of these shifting and changing realities and make some decisions before we are forced to face some drastic changes. I believe the President when he says that if things don’t change here, we will cease to exist in 10 years time.

I hope we can start to have some conversations that are real, deep, honest and informed so that we can move McDaniel forward. I hope that the faculty will demand it.

Comments? Thoughts?


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