Conferences on Teaching

This week James Lang included a piece in The Chronicle on different conferences that focus on teaching. Some of them are months away, but I thought I would list the links here in case you did not read Lang’s editorial (which you can read here, if you like).

Here are some of the conferences that focus on pedagogy and teaching:

In May of 2012 Oxford College of Emory University will host an Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts. Their website only has information from the May 2011 conference, but check back; it is sure to be updated. Their focus is teaching the liberal arts and may be of particular interest to some of us.

Montclair State University will host the “Best Teachers Summer Institute.” Based on Ken Bains’ book What the Best College Teachers Do, this three-day institute is interactive and based in part on the techniques that are discussed in Ken Bains’ book. Check out their website here.

Conducting research with undergraduates has been shown to positively influence student learning. The National Council of Undergraduate Research holds a biannual conference on this topic. While there is emphasis on research in the sciences, it’s not limited to that. Their next conference is June 23-26 and will be held at The College of New Jersey. For more information, check out their website here.

Are there aspects of these conferences that we could duplicate at McDaniel for workshops/discussions? If someone goes to one of these workshops, would you be willing to offer a workshop next year about what you learn? Perhaps you have attended something THIS year – share it and perhaps contact me to offer a workshop in the CFE?

Happy teaching, all.


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