Syllabi, Syllabi….all those Syllabi

From The Chronicle today: this article on syllabus design. (Thanks Debbi Johnson-Ross!)

Since we are all in “go over the syllabus” mode in our first classes.

I am going to do a massive redesign next semester….will try to remember to repost in January.

Happy Fall semester!


2 Responses to Syllabi, Syllabi….all those Syllabi

  1. Reanna says:

    Wow! I certainly didn’t need any extra work at the start of the semester, but it definitely gives me something to think about for the spring! I’m really impressed–a lot of the examples make good sense, i.e. they didn’t just throw a bunch of graphics on the page. I think that my syllabi have gotten better in the sense that I’ve done more to explain the logic of the course and assignments, but with the “bloat” I could certainly stand to punch up the readability and overall look. Thanks, Gretchen and Debbi!

  2. The lure for me to do something like this is great because it appeals to a part of my brain I don’t get to flex as often, but I’m not sure the return on the investment is worth it. I made some glitzier syllabuses a few years ago…My students *did* complement me on the design, but didn’t actually say that it helped them remember the information or encourage them to read it. Nor did I see any evidence of that. In retrospect, I think it was less user friendly than my more conventional syllabuses.

    Here’s a link to my ‘fancy’ 2009 field botany syllabus and my 2011 syllabus sans magazine layout:

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