Students of Today

Students and a professor at Kansas State University collaborated on a 2007 assignment that they chronicle in this video accessible from YouTube.

I think it is really interesting. I am happy that we don’t have classrooms like this. I am happy we don’t have an average class size of 118. I am happy that we

Most of all I am happy that many of the faculty members at McDaniel want to talk about teaching, change the way they teach, and adapt to new research on pedagogy. Or at least try new things.

Thanks to Anita in InTech for the video clip.


2 Responses to Students of Today

  1. rarmstrong says:

    Thanks to Anita and thank you for reposting.

    I like a lot of it. i like the numbers of reality they offered. Right now, i’m not quite sure what I/we do with this information. I’m not quite sure what I/we do with the information in Academically Adrift. I’m looking forward to discussing it, tho, and maybe brainstorming some ideas about it.

    what can teachers do (as opposed to administration)?
    how can we do approach it in a realistic manner – i.e. we can not change everything we do overnight.
    what should we change? what should we not change?
    just because students don’t like it, should we change it?

    The most interesting thing about the video to me is that they don’t actually say anything about what they WANT, they don’t say what the don’t want, or don’t like about the system, they simply give us information. It will take a while to figure out what that means for me/us/my classes/our classes.

  2. Bob Trader says:

    Education is a self perpetuating system. So many of the systems in the world right now seem to be in a state of flux. Politics, religion, family, education… These words are somewhat floating concepts, at least, more so now than say 50 or 60 years ago. It isn’t clear what these words mean any more. Dominant perspectives no longer dominate, and so some clarity is lost. This isn’t all gloom and despair. It’s actually empowering to know that we are not stuck in some preexisting system or dominate world view. We have the freedom to change the world. Believing in this idea of change and empowerment, I came to McDaniel College since it prides itself on being a place that changes lives. There seems to be a need for flexibility, for adaptation to change, for planning, for critical thinking, for problem solving, for creativity, for communication… These are in the McDaniel Plan. Maybe they get buried under other concerns sometimes? I don’t know. But, we have identified these as goals for education. Maybe how to go about achieving these goals is at issue. Then, let’s work with students to figure out what works. This process of inquiry is what learning is all about, no?

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