Want a free book?

Here is a special offer for you:

If you agree to attend a May discussion during senior week of the book Academically Adrift, the very generous folks in InTech (Anita, Chris and Steve) will buy you the book. We want to make this offer now, so that those of you who are not already laden with spring break plans – beyond sunning yourselves in Cancun – might read it during that week in March. We all know how busy the spring semester will be after our post-spring break return, as we hurtle ourselves to May.

We are limiting this offer to 15 people. Here is what you must do:

You must post here on the Blog your interest in obtaining, reading, and discussing the book . Once you do, I will let Anita know, and she will be in touch so that you can decide if you want to purchase the book hard-copy or as an e-book (as a InTech magician, she can do either!). We will likely meet Thursday or Friday of senior week (May 19 or 20), before graduation, to discuss this book that is generating so much buzz.

So, be one of the first 15 to leave a post/comment, get a book, and come and discuss it in May with your colleagues.


30 Responses to Want a free book?

  1. jjasken says:

    I think I’m first! (Mainly because I was curious about the “invitation.”) Glad you weren’t going to invite me to a Tupperware party.

    Risky, but fun!

    Julia Jasken

    • gretchenmckay says:

      No Tupperware. I have some that someone gave me once and they look like weird medieval contraptions whose uses are unclear. And I’m a medievalist. So no. Books yes. Tupperware? Not so much.

  2. Jenny says:

    Count me in! I’ve heard a lot about this topic recently and just haven’t had the time to purchase and read the book.

  3. Robin Armstrong says:

    Gretchen – this is way cool. please count me in on the book discussion senior week. a HUGE THANK YOU to the IT folks!!

    • gretchenmckay says:

      Technically it’s the InTech folks, who are a branch of IT. We want to keep these generous folks happy and name them correctly! Glad you’ll join us – globe wanderer.

  4. Mary Bendel-Simso says:

    Count me in, too.

    (I’m mad that I wasn’t the first to respond, but I was in class when you posted the invitation.)


    • Mary Bendel-Simso says:

      And if a 16th person wants to share my book, I guarantee that I won’t get to read it until classes end, so you may have it until then.

  5. Deb Vance says:

    Thanks for the offer — I’d be interested in reading and discussing the book. I’m really curious about the way they designed the research and the kinds of questions they asked. I’m also wondering why they wanted to see what happens between freshman and sophomore year, rather than, say, freshman and senior year. And thanks for reminding me that I _may_ possibly have time to read during spring break!

  6. Bob Trader says:

    Count me in. 🙂 Thanks to all!

  7. Amy McNichols says:

    I’m in! Woo hoo! Posted article about this to Facebook…had all kinds of comments brewing in my head, but thoughts of former students who are Fb friends reading them deterred me…

  8. Becky Carpenter says:

    I’m in! I almost ordered the book last night and was thinking how great it would be to discuss it with colleagues.

  9. Qin says:

    Hope I am not late. Count me in. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth van den Berg says:

    Although there are 16 comments, it looks like I’m # 9???
    Can we play with paper clips?
    I’d love to be part of this…

    • gretchenmckay says:

      There are 16 comments because I keep commenting on other comments because I can’t keep my mouth shut (apparently). You’re in, E! Do you want to bring some paper clips???

  11. Jessame Ferguson says:

    I’d like to join the discussion because I can’t wait to hear all the buzz that you’ll all generate on this topic! I’m going to buy my own copy of the book, so you can give one of the free 15 to someone else. Looking forward to exploring solutions and how liberal arts colleges can make a greater impact on this challenging issue.

  12. Debora Johnson-Ross says:

    What number am I? May I join the discussion?

  13. Stephanie Madsen says:

    I’m in!

  14. Sara More says:

    I think I’m not too late…count me in too!



  15. Jim says:

    Am I in? I wanna be.

    • gretchenmckay says:

      Hi Jim – yes you are #14. There has been some commenting on here by me, which has jacked the count up. But in terms of requests to participate you are #14. Thanks!

  16. Madeline says:

    What about me?? Did I make it???

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