Academically Adrift?

I am sure most of you by now have read reviews or heard about the book Academically Adrift. If you have not, here’s NPR’s reporting on it (read here).

I am interested in the level of interest out there in getting this book and discussing it. I don’t have the funds to *buy* everyone the book, but how many of you would buy it, read it, and meet to discuss it? I know I want and need to read it. Not sure what the timing would be for this, but I think it is worth thinking about doing. Ideas out there? A meeting in May when the semester winds down?


4 Responses to Academically Adrift?

  1. Robin Armstrong says:

    I’d love to participate and be willing to buy it, read it and discuss it given a doable amount of forward planning and notice. I think its a great suggestion.

  2. Elizabeth van den Berg says:

    I’m with Robin. Actually, interesting for me today – we did an exercise in class using imaginary balloons – I don’t think any of my students would have any trouble finding 100 uses for a paper clip.

  3. gretchenmckay says:

    If we met in May – during senior week – before graduation – would that be a good time? Thanks for both being interested. It would be an interesting conversation if just with us three.

    Anyone else game to join us?

  4. Bob Trader says:

    I’d come during that time period. πŸ™‚ I’d love to have a discussion about what higher education is for, and what we are doing to make it happen.

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