Collaborative Learning Spaces

A group of McDaniel College administrators, faculty, staff and students have been working together to develop ideas about how we can improve spaces around campus and enable students to work more effectively on collaborative projects. This group is called the Creative Learning Spaces Project (CLSP). Some of the projects included the Information Commons Experiment in the Hoover Library and a redesign of the Charlson Lab. Further projects will involve experimenting with classroom and lab design as well as the creation of informal student spaces to enable collaborative work in multiple locations around campus.

Learn more about our Information Commons experimental project here and see what’s new in the Library, including these new space design features:

• Collaborative Workstations – 2 different furniture designs with lots of work surface, new computers, electrical outlets for laptop plug-in, privacy screens between the sections, and more
• Two Group Technology Rooms on the 3rd floor – students can work together on presentations and projects, watch DVDs for class, etc.
• Movable furniture to support study spaces for a variety of needs:
Large and small tables on wheels
Big white boards on wheels
Tablet-arm lounge chairs on wheels
New Task Chairs
• New Quiet Study Space Option on L floor – with large L shaped desktop for more space to spread out and privacy panels that let light through.

If you would like to know more about the Information Commons concept, please click here.

Assessments have been generated about this project. You can read student reactions and how they use the library in this survey and use study findings.

The Creative Learning Spaces Project group is now moving to find faculty who are interested in using these spaces and/or developing assignments that would make use of such spaces. Students are using them anyway; but student collaborative spaces now make it easier for faculty to consider designing such projects. Click on this link for more information.

Do you have any ideas for how these space design elements might support collaborative learning in your classes? Share your ideas here on the CFE Blog.


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