Faculty Development Conference

On Friday I attended a Faculty Development Conference at Stevenson University’s Owings Mills campus with Robin Armstrong, Steve Kerby, and Linda Semu. This post is to give chops and a shout out to these awesome presenters from McDaniel!

Our session presented McDaniel’s CFE/Technology collaborations. Highlights were the faculty making good use of the Faculty Technology Institutes in the summer and how efforts in those institutes translate into discussions in the CFE during the following year, resulting in more faculty trying new things. Robin talked about her experience working on semester-long student blog assignments with Anita Thiernan in InTech. And Linda noted that one of her Urban Sociology assignments was transformed after attending the Flip Camera workshop last Jan Term. Steve did a great job of describing the Institutes and the way that InTech works with faculty to meet them where they are.

They made McDaniel look good and I think our session was one of the better ones during that day. So, a shout out to the three of you!

And to the rest of you: we have a technology discussion coming up on October 26 about social media and teaching – inside the classroom and out. Come on over, and lunch will be provided.


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