Oral Exam?

This article here has me thinking. At this time of year I think about how nice it would be to just have a nice, long chat with each of my students about what they have learned for a final exam, rather than having them write a tome. I think I might hear things I did not think about. I don’t know that I will try this right now. Have any of you thought about this? Done this in your classes?


2 Responses to Oral Exam?

  1. Elizabeth van den Berg says:

    Well, I don’t have a chat – but I do ask my students to PERFORM, which is both oral and physical. When I first started teaching I had a hard time creating a means of evaluating the work – a grading rubric – so I included a written exam for the acting courses as well. Somehow that seemed superfluous, because they had been doing a lot of reflective writing all semester, and the quality and content of that work just seemed duplicated in the final exam, and really I wanted to evaluate their ability to apply the techniques. So I took the final written exam, and used that to create a rubric to evaluate the performance.
    I think sitting with students and asking them exam questions might feel a bit like an interrogation – but maybe there’s a happy medium between the oral grilling, and the kind of performance evaluation I’m using. Just an idea…

  2. gretchenmckay says:

    Interesting. I’ve yet to come up with that “happy medium.” I am very afraid that it would be like a grilling. But if discussion is a huge part of my class — shouldn’t that somehow be evaluated as well?

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