Advising Secrets?

In light of the advising work that is going on at the college, do any of you have a tip about advising you can share with others? If so, leave a comment here so we can all learn from your wisdom!


4 Responses to Advising Secrets?

  1. Debbi Johnson-Ross says:

    Thanks for posting this topic, Gretchen. All tips, advice and suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Bob Trader says:

    My main goal in advising is to get students to take ownership of their education. To accomplish this, I have them create a four year plan that shows a) how they will meet all requirements and b) how they will acquire skills or knowledge applicable to their future goals. I show them how to generate a Program Evaluation in Archway so they can see and track what requirements have been filled or still need to be filled. And, I show them how to search for classes that fulfill specific requirements using Archway also.

  3. Elizabeth van den Berg says:

    In working on Freshman advising this summer, I love to read their essays, as it gives me insight into the person I’ll be meeting. So far I’ve learned how one student finds joy in singing; another moved to the U.S. from Cameroon and was taunted as a middle-schooler because she was different; one brings “books alive” to elementary school kids in a touring theatre program; and another worked through issues as a two-culture kid of Korean and Irish descent. Hopefully this will help me connect these freshmen to not only academic programs, but give them ideas about other ways to connect to the McDaniel Community.

  4. gretchenmckay says:

    This is a great tip. I do the same thing with the folders also. It’s amazing what you can learn. Thanks for commenting!

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