McDaniel Pilgrimage

A big part of the Middle Ages was the act of pilgrimage. Every time I offer AHY 2222: Art of the Medieval World, I assign the following project: with the knowledge you have now acquired about pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, design a pilgrimage for McDaniel. Where would pilgrims go? What “relics” would they see? What important places should they not miss?

This assignment is meant to be a creative one. They can use any medium to convey their ideas. The main emphasis of this assignment is how well they can apply the knowledge of the Middle Ages to their current situation.

This year – for the first time – about half of the students chose either a powerpoint, website, or video for their presentation of the project. Clearly our students are becoming more comfortable with different technologies. They went this route with no prompting from me.

Two of the websites are here for you to check out.

Student 1: Click HERE.
Student 2: Click HERE.

Does anyone have similar projects that students have completed with technology rather than papers?


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