Are Students the Problem?

I found this editorial from Inside Higher Ed. com to be very interesting. I know that at times I have found myself wondering “what is wrong with these students?” But is it really a problem with them? Not sure I believe all of the content or views here, but it got me thinking. Thoughts?


One Response to Are Students the Problem?

  1. Bob Trader says:

    Problems I’ve Heard with Higher Education

    1) Students come to college under prepared?
    2) Textbooks have been dumbed down?
    3) Instructors do not know how to teach?
    4) We really don’t know what learning is?
    5) Expectation have lowered for student performance?
    6) Everyone deserves a higher education degree?
    7) The system is inherently flawed?
    8) Higher education is too focused on career training rather than academics?
    9) Higher education isn’t pragmatic enough (is too divorced from the real world)?
    10) Generation Y just wants to be entertained (is lazy, undisciplined, can’t read, can’t write, can’t do math, can’t think, can’t do anything, is apathetic, doesn’t care, isn’t informed…)?
    11) Instructors are lazy, overworked, apathetic, too involved, burnt out, too old, too liberal, too conservative, too complacent, not good at teaching, too divorced from the real world, too this that or the other…?
    12) The institution is too flexible, too rigid, too poor, too much dependent upon a business model, too understaffed, too invested in research, too invested in sports, too expensive, too cheap…?

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