Sabbatical Anyone?

I received an interesting posting the other day from “Tomorrow’s Professor,” an email newsletter from Stanford University. The issue was sabbaticals and how to make the most of them. As many of you will be on sabbatical this year (either now or next semester), I thought it might be helpful to read. Just click here for the entry on the “Tomorrow’s Professor” site.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? It might be particularly helpful if those who’ve experienced sabbaticals before could weigh in with tips to those who will be enjoying their first.


2 Responses to Sabbatical Anyone?

  1. Pam Regis says:

    I read the Tomorrow’s Professor piece–I subscribe and find 4 out of 5 sends from the site useful, and, often, immediately applicable.

    The most important thing, I think, is the advice “Say no.” Read the paragraph about the sabbatical-taker who did not wish to be seen as uncollegial by his colleagues, and so sat on a couple of committees while “on sabbatical.” Noooooo! Somebody else will do whatever it is while you are on sabbatical, just as you will do whatever it is for others on sabbatical when their turn comes. Like substituting on the APC.

    Pam Regis

  2. Maggie McDevitt says:

    I agree with Pam’s advice regarding “saying no” while on sabbatical. I actually got some flack about not going to meetings while I was on sabbatical, but am very happy that I was not swayed by the pressure, as unpleasant as it was. Sabbaticals should be fiercely protected, in my opinion.

    I also am dismayed at what seems like a trend to have some faculty committees meet during the summer (e.g., time code task force, assessment), especially when junior faculty are involved.

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