Pedagogical Shifts

This article that was posted to is one person’s viewpoint: Professor Robert J. Nash, who is an Official University Scholar in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Vermont.

His article talks about the need for faculty to consider pedagogical shifts and changes to delivery. It’s not necessarily about advocating for one pedagogy or another, but for faculty to think about embracing changes as their careers continue.

Read it here. What do you think?


2 Responses to Pedagogical Shifts

  1. Bob Trader says:

    Do we have any data (including things like use of pedagogical strategies, use of technology, teaching philosophies, grading philosophies…) on how instructors teach their classes at McDaniel?

    Are most of the courses here lecture, discussion, and/or activity driven? Does this vary by course or by content area or by some other consideration?

    It’s a bit difficult to have a discussion on pedagogical shifts without knowing what the current norms are here.

  2. Robin Armstrong says:

    Can we consider pedagogical shifts – and the need for them – as separate from student needs, i wonder? i.e. As teachers, do we learn and shift pedagogies to keep ourselves fresh?

    we’ll never hit a pedagogy that suits all students; students come in way too many shapes, sizes, and skill levels. The best we can hope for is a tool box filled with useful approaches that, with variation, can connect with most students at some point during the term.

    How can we get our students passionately interested in their own learning? probably by being passionately interested in our own learning. For some of us that is a narrowly focused research, and for others of us a broad spectrum acquisitive approach to pedagogy. I don’t think the latter is the only way to do this- i do think that focused research can also be used as an avenue into this (as it can also be used as an avenue out of teaching as suggested in the article), but for our size and type of school, i think that its a productive and profitable vehicle to this goal.

    Bob- I agree that knowing what types of approaches our colleagues are taking here would be fascinating and helpful.

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