Hello Faculty!

Welcome back to the Hill, and to our newest faculty members, welcome to the community. As I step into the the Director position of the Center for Faculty Excellence, I must thank Pam Regis for her work over the past two years. Establishing a new Center is never easy, and Pam held many meetings and discussions that helped us all think about teaching and research.

My goal is to continue that work. While funds are tight and I can’t help faculty with the two most precious commodities that we all need – time and money – we can learn from each other. To that end, throughout the academic year I plan to offer different types of activities and meetings at different times of the week, emphasizing teaching and research. These blog postings will be one way to share ideas. Guest bloggers will also post ideas related to the classroom and their scholarship. If you’d like to be alerted when a new posting is added to this blog, sign up via the link “Subscribe by Email” on the right. It will send an email when anything new is added to the CFE Blog.

I also hope that for those of you who research on campus will consider using the Center as a place to work. While you might need to bring a sweater (it is a bit drafty), it is a quiet space away from email and the phone. All you need to do is check the key to the CFE out at the circulation desk. That will let you into the Center where you can browse the faculty development collection or work on some research of your own.

I wish you all a very successful new year and hope you’ll join in some of the meetings and discussions I have planned and that will be announced soon. And if you have ideas for topics of discussion, please send them my way.

I’ll be posting every week or so some thoughts on teaching and research. Please check back and leave a comment if you wish so that we can get some electronic discussions going. I look forward to this year and the many conversations we will have – face to face and through electronic sources such as this.


2 Responses to Hello Faculty!

  1. Pam Regis says:

    Welcome Gretchen!

  2. Mohamed Esa says:

    Thank you, Gretchen for creating this blog for the faculty. I also welcome you as the new director of the center and wish you good luck and a lot of fun. See you around.

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